Measure for Measure

  • Katharine Goodland
  • John O’Connor
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Joan Fox, an actress of considerable eloquence, plays Isabella… Isabella is outraged. Scorn pours from her like lava. Then, alone, she pauses to think about it. “More than our brother is our chastity?” wonders she. The question mark is new, as director Charles Krohn observed last week, a concession to modern audiences. Worse, it is wrong. Isabella must believe that her chastity is more important than her brothers head. That is what makes her delicious in this bit of darkening Shakespearean humor… Travis Franklin, bearded and well-spoken, plays [the duke] grandly. The production itself, played on a black split-level stage in Jones Hall … is dressed something like a road company of “Oklahoma!” Miss Fox wears a becoming green gown. Greater folk among the men are clad in tunics, but the lesser folk, the buffoons, appear in gaudy stripes, vests, contemporary loafers even. Miss Fox makes a fine coherent Isabella and Vennema a credible enough blackguard as Angelo. By deadline the productions best moments had been easily worth suffering its indifferent ones. (George Christian, The Houston Post, 20 November 1970)


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