King Lear

  • Katharine Goodland
  • John O’Connor
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[T]his production was contained on what appeared to be a twenty-foot toadstool, supporting three priapic posts, isolated in the midst of the large semi-natural stage which was deliberately ignored…Actors, not a part of a scene, huddled, draped in maroon yardgoods, in a semi-circle around said toadstool…Whilst contending…with the famous storm, Lear, Kent, Edgar, and Fool groveled and writhed in an orgy…The play was divided into three “acts”…Act I—Before the Storm…Act II—The Storm…Act III—The Awakening… Rather cavalier editing, but more annoying when the great scene between Lear and Gloucester… is made a part of “The Storm”…Deviations were many and would be inexcusable if they were not trivial in the light of the total mistake. One or two actor’s, and even Shakespeare, managed, on occasion, to resist the director’s machine. Henry Hoffman, as Edmund, insisted on speaking verse in a way Shakespeare might have recognized. James. A. Craig, as Gloucester, faced horror with pathetic dignity and then groped his way toward awareness. (J. H. Crouch, Shakespeare Quarterly 22 [1971]: 383)


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