Henry IV Part One

  • Katharine Goodland
  • John O’Connor
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Henry… managed the fusion of guilt with pride at times, at other times faltered… Hal was particularly well-cast: tall, broad, handsome, of good voice and carriage, projecting more stage warmth than Hotspur, though Hotspur was portrayed attractively, and without accent. Hal was noble without stuffiness, madcap without ignobility. Francis, on the other hand, was a cold, dislikable youth…. Falstaff failed to play, or perhaps chose not to play, the spoofs of Puritanism. He was otherwise intriguing… His intended reformations, though played for laughs, retained a quality of wishfulness, though never of possibility; Mistress Quickly [was] a woman rivaling Falstaff in girth. Their argument over Falstaff’s picked pocket ended in a brief but delightful belly-bumping. (Robin Carey, Shakespeare Quarterly 22 [1971]: 379–80)


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