Romeo and Juliet

  • Katharine Goodland
  • John O’Connor
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It is a light-hearted production, making the most of the Bard’s bawdy wit. The play is generally engrossing and never boring… The comedy is largely because of Mercurio, Romeo’s witty friend, played in fine style by James A. Timmins, whose pacing and delivery are faultless. Sue Kramer is priceless as the toothless, sharp-tongued hypochondriac who is Juliet’s nurse and confidant. In the title roles, Mario Crudo and Kyra Harper seem slightly stiff when they are on stage together, not quite convincingly that couple of kids suddenly immersed in a lightning love affair of great intensity, Yet, when Romeo is with his sword-toting buddies, and Juliet with her nurse, their performances are fine… Strong performances in supporting roles were turned in by Gabriel Prendergast as Capulet…, and Robert Sime as Friar Laurence… On the whole the cast worked with cohesion, the pace was never draggy, and the play worked well, the sword fighting scenes were played with vigor and without the appearance of being contrived… [The production] is the conclusion of an exciting season which has seen several fine performances in the new theatre the Globe has established as a thriving part of downtown Regina. (Reg Silvester, Regina Leader-Post, 25 April 1974)


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