A. A. Tschuprow

  • John Maynard Keynes


We much regret to announce the death of Professor A. A. Tschuprow on 19 April last in Geneva in his fifty-third year.1 Professor Tschuprow commenced his studies in the University of Moscow, and in 1902, at the opening of the great Polytechnical Institute of Petrograd, he became for some years Lecturer in Economic Statistics at that institution. But both early and late in life he was much connected with German Universities, and many of his most important papers are published in German. He studied Economics and Statistics in Berlin and Strasbourg, and he prepared his first important work, entitled Die Feldgemeinschaft, as a pupil of Knapp. Since the Russian Revolution, after a stay in Scandinavia, Tschuprow had lived mainly in Dresden. It was his nature always to wish to avoid the ties of a professorial chair and to keep his mind entirely free for original work; and the Professorship at Prague, which he was driven by financial circumstances to accept near the end of his life, proved uncongenial. Regardless of poverty and the material difficulties of the post-war period, whether in Russia or in Germany, he always placed a very high price on complete intellectual independence. The result was that some of his most important papers on theoretical statistics belong to his years at Dresden.

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