The Shadow of the Future in Light of the Past

  • Edward A. Kolodziej


The Cold War is rapidly nearing a close. Progress in reaching nuclear, conventional and chemical arms control accords between Washington and Moscow signals the mutual desire of both sides to surmount their titanic conflict and heretofore irreconcilable differences. Real disarmament and a discernible slowdown in the arms race as well as genuine success in resolving their regional differences — in Europe, southern Africa, southeast Asia, and Central America — prompt expectations that superpower relations are evolving toward a new, broader and advanced level of cooperation beyond the Cold War. New forces are driving international politics. Among the most powerful, with which this volume has been primarily concerned, is the rise of new centers of power whose national and socio-economic interests can neither be contained nor satisfied by the superpower struggle and by the Cold War. These forces conspire with compelling internal demands within the domestic societies of the superpowers, especially strong within the Soviet Union, for a break with the Cold War regime.


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