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Visits to Aldworth

  • William Allingham
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Haslemere—very fine; Helen and I started about 3.30 to walk to Tennyson’s, as invited. In the shady lane the carriage overtook us, T. had kindly called for us. He was in the carriage with his little grandson, Alfred, in his nurse’s lap, and Mr Fields, an American guest. Little Alfred, aged three, had on the great Alfred’s black sombrero, and the child’s straw hat with a blue ribbon was stuck on the top of the poet’s huge head, and so they drove gravely along. I followed on foot along the heath-fringed road on Blackdown, overlooking the vast expanses of light and shadow, golden cornfields, blue distances, from Leith Hill to Chanctonbury Ring. Walked through the house, long hall open at each end, and found tea on the further lawn, smooth, shut in with shrubs. The view of the lower windows of the house is now shut out by the growth of twigs and leaves. A. T. in sombrero and grey suit, broad-shouldered. He has been at Venice, Cadore, etc., with Hallam.


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