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Recollections of Tennyson

  • H. M. Butler
Part of the Interviews and Recollections book series (IR)


My real acquaintance with the Tennyson family dates from the end of 1861 and the early days of 1862…


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  1. Henry Montague Butler (1833–1918), after twenty-six years as Headmaster of Harrow School, became Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1886.Google Scholar
  2. 3.
    P. S. Worsley (1835–66) published translations of Homer in 1861 and 1865.Google Scholar
  3. 5.
    Charles Stuart Calverley (1831–84), remembered for his witty verses and parodies.Google Scholar
  4. 6.
    Heinrich Schliemann (1822–90), German archaeologist, had excavated Troy in 1870–82. Tennyson had dined with Schliemann in London in 1877; when Schliemann remarked that ‘Hissarlik, the ancient Troy, is no bigger than the courtyard of Burlington House’, Tennyson retorted ‘I can never believe that’ (Memoir, II, p. 217 ).Google Scholar
  5. 7.
    Hartley Coleridge (1796–1849), minor poet and and eldest son of S. T. Coleridge.Google Scholar
  6. 8.
    Frederick Apthorp Paley (1815–88), classical scholar; his translations of Aeschylus began to appear in 1849.Google Scholar
  7. 9.
    Charles James Blomfield (1786–1857) published editions of several plays by Aeschylus from 1810.Google Scholar

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