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Tennyson and Mrs Cameron

  • Agnes Weld
Part of the Interviews and Recollections book series (IR)


I used to feel a sort of proprietorship in the old study, for if the Tennysons happened to be away from Farringford when we were at Freshwater, my uncle would give me the key of the room; but I loved it best when I used to go up to it between eleven and twelve to fetch my uncle down for our morning walk together, before starting on which I used to coax him to read to me from the volume which he generally was holding in his hands when I entered, which sometimes consisted of the MS of his last written poem, and sometimes was a new book of science, history, or philosophy, all of which subjects interested him keenly.


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    Gerald Wellesley (1809–82), a contemporary of Tennyson at Trinity, became Dean of Windsor, 1854–82.Google Scholar

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