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Early Days

  • Hallam Tennyson
Part of the Interviews and Recollections book series (IR)


My aunt Cecilia1 (Mrs Lushington) narrates how in the winter evenings by the firelight little Alfred would take her on his knee with Arthur and Matilda leaning against him on either side, the baby Horatio2 between his legs; and how he would fascinate this group of young hero-worshippers, who listened open-eared and open-mouthed to legends of knights and heroes among untravelled forests rescuing distressed damsels, or on gigantic mountains fighting with dragons, or to his tales about Indians, or demons, or witches. The brothers and sisters would sometimes act one of the old English plays; and the elder members of the family thought that my father, from his dramatic rendering of his parts and his musical voice, would turn out an actor.


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