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At the end of this broad “tour d’horizon” of the international banking system and its core operations, it is clear the industry landscape is under pressure to change. The change is being driven by consumers seeking - sui generis - services that traditional banks are not used to providing since the last boom after World War Two. The infrastructure of our banking system today has become obsolete. With all these changes come also new opportunities. However, these new opportunities would only benefit banks eager to adapt and to accommodate their business with clients’ expectations. That is, the stream of mergers and acquisitions within the industry will increase within the next decade or so. Banks too big to manage would go under or be acquired by more prudent and accommodating banks with new management teams. JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs are all expected to expand their business lines. Wealth management and private equity are among the business segments to observe in the next two decades. The industry’s prospects are bright; however, excessive greed and amateur risk management could jeopardize the future. As with central banks, private banks need to bring in more economists given that economists are more likely to comprehend risk management relative to their counterpart lawyers. Better management of risk is key to success and private banks need to face and live with that reality.

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