Resolution of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party on Methods of Leadership June 1, 1943

  • Timothy Cheek
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This resolution of the CCP’s politburo of the Central Committee was passed in Yan’an on June 1, 1943. It is attributed to Mao Zedong and is included in volume 3 of his Selected Works as “Some Questions Concerning Methods of Leadership.” We have every reason to believe that he did write it or that it captures what he was telling his comrades. The resolution sums up the organizational lessons of the 1942–44 Rectification Movement in Yan’an and outlines in some detail how the party should organize mass mobilization. It is a blueprint of how to run the revolution at the local level, thus answering the challenge Mao set forth in his 1927 “Report on the Peasant Movement in Hunan” (see Document 1). It was extremely effective in the 1940s as the CCP extended its sway into new regions of China.


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