F-Isocrystals on Open Varieties Results and Conjectures

  • Gerd Faltings
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(a) In this paper we want to present some results and conjectures about crystalline cohomology. In particular, we shall show that many results from ℓ-adic étale cohomology have analogues, like the Lefschetz trace-formula, unipotence of monodromy, and the theory of weights. Our results are a sequel to the paper [Fa2]. However, there are some differences between the approaches taken. First of all, in [Fa2] we are mainly concerned with ℤp-valued cohomology, and show at the end how results carry over to the ℚp-adic theory (which works under much more general circumstances, but gives weaker results as we neglect p-torsion). Also, in [Fa2] the results are fairly complete, that is we show pretty much the results one can hope for. Finally, we were mostly interested in the relation between crystalline cohomology and p-adic étale cohomology.


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