Balkan nephropathy

  • Ljubica DjukanoviĆ
  • Zoran RadovanoviĆ

Balkan (or endemic) nephropathy is a chronic tubulointerstitial disease of unknown, presumably exotoxic etiology. It has been shown to exist only in some parts of the southeastern Europe.

While there have been many meetings and papers [1, 2] concerning both cause and treatment of Balkan nephropathy, sociopolitical turmoil, including wars, and economical hardship prevented any meaningful research on the problem during the 1990’s. Thus, despite numerous proceedings and a large number of publications on the subject, many features of Balkan nephropathy, its etiology and natural history in particular, remained nearly as mysterious as when described in the mid-fifties.

Meetings organized by international organizations [3-7] had a key role in informing the international scientific community on the disease. A recent source of information is a bilingual (in English and Serbian) monograph published in 2000 [8].


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