Colloids as Light Scattering and Emission Markers for Analysis of Blood

  • Olavi Siiman


Topics in this review are focused on the author’s specific interests in particle probes for flow cytometry/cell sorting. Five different classes of bead probes for flow cytometric analyses are surveyed. Two of the five classes—light scatter and fluorescence emission/light scatter bead probes— have the longest history of use, and one, the fluorescent beads, is enjoying a renaissance as reagents in multiplex flow analyses. Surface plasmon resonance/light scatter probes have yet to find their niche; however, activity in this area has expanded lately. The relatively new field of luminescence emission/light scatter probes is experiencing growing pains as methods of stabilizing the high emission intensities of highly reactive, semiconductor nanoparticles are perfected. Finally, the future is wide open for expansion into the field of enhanced Raman/light scatter probes. This would add another dimension to flow cytometry, which has not experienced a major modification since the...


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The author is thankful to Shuming Nie (Emory University/Georgia Institute of Technology) for his hospitality on a visit to Emory University to perform micro-Raman measurements, and for providing a copy of an article prior to publication and other clarifications, to Douglas Stuart (Emory University) for help with the Raman measurements, to Jorge Quintana (Beckman Coulter, Inc.) for providing powerpoint slides of his presentation on Flow-Cal beads, and to John Maples (Beckman Coulter, Inc.) for his photographs of a Wright’s stain of a blood sample that had been incubated with CD4 antibody–PS latex beads.


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