Vertical Fluxes of Dispersed Sedimentary Matter, Absolute Masses of the Bottom Sediments, and Rates of Modern Sedimentation

  • Alexander N. NovigatskyEmail author
  • Alexey A. Klyuvitkin
  • Alexander P. Lisitsyn
Part of the The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry book series (HEC, volume 82)


A new approach using dispersed sedimentary matter of the water column captured by sediment traps in comparison with its consolidated form (surface layer of the bottom sediments) was applied to study sedimentation in the White Sea. The results of long-term investigations in a small sea of the Arctic Ocean served as a basis for revealing new regularities characteristic of the sedimentary process in the Subarctic and Arctic zones. The monthly, seasonal, and multiyear dynamics of the main components of dispersed sedimentary matter fluxes were analyzed by defining the marine sedimentation stage. It was shown that the biogenic constituents of the particle flux while its transition from the dispersed form to consolidated one decreased by an order of magnitude. The average values of the vertical flux were calculated including the total sedimentary flux and the contribution of main biogenic and lithogenic constituents per m2 of the bottom area of the White Sea.


Arctic Ocean Bottom sediments Sediment trap Sedimentation Suspended matter Vertical flux White Sea 



We would like to thank the Russian Scientific Foundation (Project No. 14-27-00114-П) for financial support of this research over the period of preparation of this chapter and also within the framework of the state task of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences for 2017–2018 on topic №. 0149-2018-0016.


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