Groundwater: An Important Resource of Drinking Water in Slovakia

  • D. BarlokováEmail author
  • J. Ilavský
Part of the The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry book series (HEC, volume 69)


Groundwater resources are mainly used as the supply of drinking water in Slovakia (87.3% of inhabitants are supplied with drinking water from underground resources), of which approximately 22% of this amount has to be treated. Water treatment is mostly needed for the removal of iron and/or manganese. Concentrations of dissolved iron and manganese are evaluated every year within the groundwater monitoring done by the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMI) for the whole territory of Slovakia.

The presence of iron and manganese compounds in water creates technological problems, failures of water supply systems and deterioration of water quality with respect to sensory properties. Also, if these waters are slightly over-oxidized, unfavourable incrustations are formed.

The objective of the pilot plant tests in the water treatment plant Kúty was to verify the efficiency of manganese and iron removal from water with the use of different filtration materials with MnO2 layer on the surface – Klinopur-Mn, Greensand and Cullsorb M.


Filtration materials Groundwater quality Removal of iron and manganese Water treatment 



The technological trials were performed within the APVV-15-0379 grant project and VEGA 1/0400/15 project.


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