Legal Framework of Interstate Cooperation on Water Resources of Central Asia

  • Barbara Janusz-PawlettaEmail author
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More than 20 years after emergence of new independent states in the Aral Sea Basin, the legal basis for transboundary interstate cooperation needs strengthening and enhancement. The remnants from the Soviet legal settings are still recognizable in the todays biding legal framework for transboundary cooperation and presented in the chapter. Since the riparian states underwent in-depth changes in social-economical terms, it is needed to introduce the modern legal principles and procedures to facilitate the management and protection of transboundary waters in Central Asia. The current legal framework binding for the Aral Sea riparian states is made of different levels of regulations. The regional (Aral Sea Basin) level of interstate cooperation is based on the both (1) international water law (incl. application of the global multilateral environmental agreements and relevant multilateral agreements adopted within the Commonwealth of Independent States) and (2) multilateral legal acts adopted by the riparian states restricted within the scope to the Aral Sea Basin. There are also a number of multilateral and bilateral transboundary agreements covering the interstate cooperation on the sub-basins of Syr Daria and Amu Daria. The assessment of existing legal framework in terms of inclusion of the modern principles and procedures of the international water law is presented in the chapter.


Central Asia International law Transboundary water cooperation 


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