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Therapeutic Cardiac Patches for Repairing the Myocardium

  • Benjamin W. Streeter
  • Michael E. DavisEmail author
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series


The explosion of stem cell research in the past several years has made its presence known in the field of cardiology and has been recently tasked with solving one of the largest health problems to afflict humanity: cardiovascular disease (CVD). Although stem cell therapy has shown glimmers of promise, significant problems remain that need to be addressed if these therapies are to ever find true success. One way to achieve this success is to take engineering principles and apply them to fabricate engineered cardiac tissues, composed of the aforementioned therapeutic stem cells and biomaterials to bolster the tissue’s reparative capacity. In this review, the authors examine advancements in cardiac cell therapy and biomaterial research and discuss how their combination has been used to create tissue-engineered patches capable of restoring function to the damaged or failing myocardium.


Cardiac patch Cardiac tissue engineering Stem cells Biomaterials Myocardial repair 



bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells


cardiosphere-derived cell




cardiac stem cell


cardiac tissue engineering


cardiovascular disease


endothelial cell


extracellular matrix


engineered heart tissue


embryonic stem cell


heart failure


heat shock factor 1


induced pluripotent stem cell




left ventricle


myocardial infarction




mesenchymal stem cells




poly(glycerol serbate)


poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid


poly-(L-lactic) acid


stem cell antigen-1


small intestinal submucosa


skeletal myoblasts


smooth muscle cell


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