Diamond Waveguides for Infrared Spectroscopy and Sensing

  • Ángela Inmaculada López-Lorente
  • Mikael Karlsson
  • Lars Österlund
  • Boris MizaikoffEmail author
Part of the Springer Series on Chemical Sensors and Biosensors book series (SSSENSORS, volume 17)


The outstanding optical properties of diamond have enabled the development of waveguide materials with low absorption and scattering losses and transparency over a wide spectral window. Furthermore, diamond features a high refractive index, high thermal conductivity, high density, low thermal expansion, and extreme hardness and chemical resistance enabling harsh operating conditions, which render diamond a suitable material for a wide variety of optical sensing applications. In addition, the versatility in functionalization of diamond surfaces expands its utility toward optical chem/biosensors. In this chapter, different strategies for the fabrication and structuring of diamond waveguides are presented, as well as surface functionalization strategies. Finally, the applications of such waveguides in analytical spectroscopy are highlighted revealing the potential of this material for advanced chemical sensor and biosensor schemes.


Analytical spectroscopy Diamond Infrared sensors Infrared spectroscopy Optical sensors Waveguides 


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