Theory and Models for Parallel Computation

  • Michel Cosnard
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This topic intends to discuss the current state of parallel computational and cost models, algorithms and complexity. An emphasis is on research that takes into account properties of real machines like communication cost and asynchrony. Famous examples are BSP, CGM, LogP, and PRAM. Developments, comparisons of, and algorithms for such models as well as studies of complexity issues are studied. Special consideration will be given to scalable, practical algorithms. Algorithmic strategies for abstract parallel models are encouraged, as well as algorithmic tuning for specific architectures, and experimental analysis which provides insight into algorithmic choice.

The topics of interest include cost models, modelling architectures, algorithms and data structures, complexity theory, applications and implementations, experimental analysis.

15 papers have been submitted to this workshop, most of them of good scientific quality. They have been refereed by at least 2 independent reviewers. Among these papers, the programme committee selected 5 papers to be presented during the conference.

Parallel Algorithms for Grounded Range Search and Applications by Michael G. Lamoureux and Andrew Rau-Chaplin : this paper presents a parallel algorithm for solving the grounded range search problem in associative-function mode using a BSP like model referred to as the Coarse Grained Multicomputer (CGM).

Multi-level cooperative search: a new paradigm for combinatorial optimization and an application to graph partitioning by Michel Toulouse

and K. Thulasiraman and Fred Glover : this paper proposes a new design for cooperative algorithms which is also a new parallel problem solving paradigm for combinatorial optimization problems.

A Quantitative Measure of Portability with Application to Bandwidth Latency Models of Parallel Computing by Gianfranco Bilardi, Andrea Pietracaprina and Geppino Pucci : this paper introduces a novel methodology for the quantitative assessment of model properties such as effectiveness and portability.

A Cost Model For Asynchronous and Structured Message Passing by Emmanuel Melin and Bruno Raffin and Xavier Rebeuf and Bernard Virot : this paper presents a cost model taking into account properties of present time machines, mainly SCLchan, an asynchronous parallel execution model allowing explicit message passing.

A Parallel Simulation of Cellular Automata by Spatial Machines by Bruno Martin : this paper considers the relations between cellular automata and spatial machines.

In name of the programme committee, I would like to thank all the authors and referees for the excellent work done in order to set-up such an interesting programme.


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