Assembly of Business Systems Using Service Component Architecture

  • Anish Karmarkar
  • Mike Edwards
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Service Component Architecture (SCA) is a set of specifications which provide a programming model for the creation and assembly of business systems using a service oriented architecture. SCA uses service components as the building blocks of business systems. SCA supports service components written using a very wide range of technologies, including programming languages such as Java, BPEL, C++ and also declarative languages such as XSLT.

SCA also provides a composition model for the assembly of distributed groups of service components into a business solution, with composites used to group collections of components and wires modeling the connections between components. SCA aims to remove “middleware” concerns from the programming code, by applying infrastructure concerns declaratively to compositions, including aspects such as Security and Transactions.

SCA is being evolved by an industry collaboration, with the aim of eventual submission to a standards body.


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