Recent Advances in Fullerene Deposition on Semiconductor Surfaces

  • C. G. Zhou
  • L. C. Ning
  • J. P. Wu
  • S. J. Yao
  • Z. B. Pi
  • Y. S. Jiang
  • H. Cheng
Part of the Challenges and Advances in Computational Chemistry and Physics book series (COCH, volume 4)


Development of novel chemistry on semiconductor surfaces is an area of increasing research interests due to its technological importance. The possibility of depositing fullerenes on semiconductor surfaces via the formation of stable chemical bonds provides an opportunity to design and develop novel materials that meet the increasing stringent technology challenge. In this chapter, we review recent advances in the theoretical modeling of fullerene chemisorption on GaAs and Si surfaces. We show that strong covalent chemical bonds can be formed upon deposition of fullerenes of various sizes on these surfaces, forming well-ordered thin films. The chemical/physical properties of such thin films can be tailored by using different sizes of fullerenes


Fullerenes Semiconductor surfaces GaAs(001) -c(4× 4) Si(001) -(2× 1) Density of States vs-6 


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