Interactomics and Systems Biology

Book Series
There is 1 volume in this series
Published 2014 - 2014

About this series

The project is aimed at preparing a series of books on concepts, techniques and recent advances in the field of interactomics and systems biology. Interactomics and systems biology, by representing novel approaches to study and describe complex biological systems in an integrative, non-reductionist manner, are at the forefront of biological and biomedical research. Now that the sequencing of various genomes, from prokaryotes to humans, has provided the list and linear sequence of proteins and RNA that build living organisms, defining the complete set of interactions that sustain life constitutes one of the key challenges of the postgenomic era. This project is intended to cover experimental approaches for defining protein-protein, protein-RNA, protein-DNA and protein-lipid interactions; as well as theoretical approaches dealing with data analysis, integration and modeling and ethical issues.