Lecture Notes in Social Networks

Book Series
There are 44 volumes in this series
Published 2011 - 2020

About this series

Lecture Notes in Social Networks (LNSN) comprises volumes covering the theory, foundations and applications of the new emerging multidisciplinary field of social networks analysis and mining. LNSN publishes peer- reviewed works (including monographs, edited works) in the analytical, technical as well as the organizational side of social computing, social networks, network sciences, graph theory, sociology, semantic web, web applications and analytics, information networks, theoretical physics, modeling, security, crisis and risk management, and other related disciplines. The volumes are guest-edited by experts in a specific domain. This series is indexed by DBLP. Springer and the Series Editors welcome book ideas from authors. Potential authors who wish to submit a book proposal should contact Annelies Kersbergen, Publishing Editor, Springer e-mail: annelies.kersbergen@springer.com