Explorations in the Learning Sciences, Instructional Systems and Performance Technologies

Book Series
There are 7 volumes in this series
Published 2011 - 2018

About this series

New and emerging digital technologies have had significant impact on learning, instruction, and performance support in the last 20 years. It is likely that changes will continue to be significant for the next 20 years. One consequence of new digital technologies has been some fragmentation and lack of communication among the various academic and professional communities interested in applying these technologies for the improvement of human learning and performance. Another consequence is that the research and development efforts associated with applying new technologies to learning, instruction, and performance have grown more complex and challenging. Keeping up with new technologies and how they might be integrated for the betterment of society is an ongoing challenge for all education professionals. This book series is aimed at promoting dialogue among these communities and in helping professionals maintain their knowledge and skills in a very dynamic and challenging climate of change and innovation. The series aims to bridge research and development in three related disciplines (learning, instruction, and performance technologies) and to provide both international collaborations and innovative, forward-thinking perspectives on the research.