Springer’s Forensic Laboratory Science Series

Book Series
There are 3 volumes in this series
Published 2010 - 2011

About this series

Springer’s Forensic Laboratory Science Series provides general reference works for the practicing forensic scientist. The goal is to educate both the forensic scientist and those who interact with forensic science (district attorneys, medical examiners, coroners, etc), illuminate the difficult work performed in the forensic laboratory, and provide a look into the details and practical procedures forensic scientists employ. The work performed by forensic scientists in the field, forensic laboratories, medical examiner’s offices, and private companies is often critical to the proper functioning of the justice system and regulatory bodies. With such an important place in the justice system, the integrity of scientific information is crucial. The ethical analysis of evidence must be a given constant. The exchange of new technology and open access to scientific information assists others in understanding, and possibly implementing, new procedures.