Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences


Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences provides critical and comprehensive discussions of the most significant areas of behavioral neuroscience research, written by leading international authorities. Each volume in the series represents the most informative and contemporary account of its subject available, making it an unrivalled reference source. Each volume will be made available in both print and electronic form.

With the development of new methodologies for brain imaging, genetic and genomic analyses, molecular engineering of mutant animals, novel routes for drug delivery, and sophisticated cross-species behavioral assessments, it is now possible to study behavior relevant to psychiatric and neurological diseases and disorders on the physiological level. The Behavioral Neurosciences series focuses on translational medicine and cutting-edge technologies. Preclinical and clinical trials for the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics as well as p

revention efforts are covered whenever possible. Special attention is also drawn on epigenetical aspects, especially in psychiatric disorders.


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