Annals of Information Systems

Book Series
There are 21 volumes in this series
Published 2007 - 2018

About this series

Annals of Information Systems comprises serialized volumes that address a specialized topic or a theme. AoIS publishes peer reviewed works in the analytical, technical as well as the organizational side of information systems. The numbered volumes are guest-edited by experts in a specific domain. Some volumes may be based upon refereed papers from selected conferences. AoIS volumes are available as individual books as well as a serialized collection. Annals of Information Systems is allied with the ‘Integrated Series in Information Systems’ (IS2).

Proposals are invited for contributions to be published in the Annals of Information Systems. The Annals focus on high quality scholarly publications, and the editors benefit from Springer's international network for promotion of your edited volume as a serialized publication and also a book. For more information, visit the Springer website at

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