Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical Aspects

Book Series
There are 9 volumes in this series
Published 2006 - 2010

About this series

Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical Aspects focuses on: (i) methodologies used by discovery scientists for characterizing the “drug-like” (physicochemical, ADME, and toxicological) properties of small molecule-based and macromolecule-based hits, leads, and drug candidates; (ii) chemical strategies used to balance and optimize a molecule's “drug-like” and pharmacological (physiological and/or behavioral) properties; and (iii) enabling technologies used to insure the efficient delivery of small molecule-based and macromolecule-based drug candidates to their sites of action in animals and humans. Volumes present a thorough examination of drug dosage and drug dosage forms in use and in development. The series will be particularly helpful to scientists involved in drug development and to the educators who are training the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists.