ZEI Studies in European Economics and Law

Book Series
There are 6 volumes in this series
Published 2000 - 2005

About this series

The ZEI Studies in European Economics and Law book series consists of research monographs, contributed volumes, professional reference books, advanced text and conference proceedings. It will draw upon issues related to the economic, legal, institutional and political development in Europe. The focal point of the series is policy-oriented and empirical work.
Over the past decades there has been a growing interest in issues related to the economic, legal, institutional, and political development in Europe. There is, however, little in the way of a book series to service this market despite the many requests from the academic and practitioner community. The proposed series aims to service this market.
Suggested research topics for the series will include:

  • European monetary and fiscal policy;
  • Exchange rate developments and international financial relations of the EMU;
  • European trade policy;
  • European banking and finance;
  • Economic and legal aspects of the internal market;
  • Economic and legal aspects of deepening and broadening European integration;
  • European constitutional and public law;
  • Procedural law of the European communities and the European union;
  • European telecommunication laws and policies;
  • European laws regulating new media;
  • European laws regulating life sciences and bioethics.
The collection is relevant to (primary audience) academics in European integration, macroeconomics, social, regulatory and industrial policy, and labor market policy. The books in the series will be intended as research books in both credited courses on European studies, applied economics, and European law. The collection should also appeal to a significant secondary, professional audience: policy-makers, and decision-makers in business and public administration.
The series will be the principle outlet for research and conferences at the Center for European Integration Studies in Bonn (ZEI), however, the series will also be open to authors from other institutions. They will be invited to submit their manuscripts.