World Forests

Book Series
There are 23 volumes in this series
Published 1999 - 2019

About this series

As forests stay high on the global political agenda, and forest-related industries diversify, cutting edge research into the issues facing forests has become more and more transdisciplinary. With this is mind, Springer’s World Forests series has been established to provide a key forum for research-based syntheses of globally relevant issues on the interrelations between forests, society and the environment. The series is intended for a wide range of readers including national and international entities concerned with forest, environmental and related policy issues; advanced students and researchers; business professionals, non-governmental organizations and the environmental and economic media. Volumes published in the series will include both multidisciplinary studies with a broad range of coverage, as well as more focused in-depth analyses of a particular issue in the forest and related sectors. Themes range from globalization processes and international policies to comparative analyses of regions and countries.