Trends in Logic

Studia Logica Library

Book Series
There are 56 volumes in this series
Published 1997 - 2021

About this series

The book series Trends in Logic covers essentially the same areas as the journal Studia Logica, that is, contemporary formal logic and its applications and relations to other disciplines. The series aims at publishing monographs and thematically coherent volumes dealing with important developments in logic and presenting significant contributions to logical research. 

Volumes of Trends in Logic may range from highly focused studies to presentations that make a subject accessible to a broader scientific community or offer new perspectives for research. The series is open to contributions devoted to topics ranging from algebraic logic, model theory, proof theory, philosophical logic, non-classical logic, and logic in computer science to mathematical linguistics and formal epistemology. This thematic spectrum is also reflected in the editorial board of Trends in Logic. Volumes may be devoted to specific logical systems, particular methods and techniques, fundamental concepts, challenging open problems, different approaches to logical consequence, combinations of logics, classes of algebras or other structures, or interconnections between various logic-related domains.

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Authors interested in proposing a completed book or a manuscript in progress or in conception can contact either or one of the Editors of the Series.