Theory and Decision Library

Series D: System Theory, Knowledge Engineering and Problem Solving

Book Series
There are 15 volumes in this series
Published 1987 - 1995

About this series

Design, study and development of structures, organizations and systems aimed at formal applications mainly in the social and human sciences but also relevant to the information sciences. Within these bounds three types of study are of particular interest. First, formal definition and development of fundamental theory and/or methodology, second, computational and/or algorithmic implementations and third, comprehensive empirical studies, observation or case studies. Although submissions of edited collections appear occasionally, primarily monographs are considered for publication in the series. To emphasize the changing nature of the fields of interest we refrain from giving a clear delineation and exhaustive list of topics. However, certainly included are: artificial intelligence (including machine learning, expert and knowledge based systems approaches), information systems (particularly decision support systems), approximate reasoning (including fuzzy approaches and reasoning under uncertainty), knowledge acquisition and representation, modeling, diagnosis, and control.