Technology-Based Education Series

Book Series
There is 1 volume in this series
Published 1996 - 1996

About this series

The Technology-Based Education Series features scholarship and research on the role and consequences of applying information technology in education. All varieties of technology and learning are relevant, but the main emphasis will be upon computers, networks, and multimedia technology, and their role in education.
Especially of interest are: international, comparative studies that reveal major policy differences and their consequences; large-scale evaluations of educational technology; evaluation methodologies for technology-based education and training; studies in human-technology interfaces in education and training; exploratory studies of the educational use of networks and the Internet; and investigations of the role of educational technology outside of school.
Information technology has been advancing at an extremely rapid pace. In this series monographs and collections of articles will feature and evaluate innovative techniques such as networked learning activities, virtual reality, multimedia, systems, neural networks, robotics, and hypermedia.
These applications draw upon cognitive science, computer science, informatics, and social and behavioral science, as well as education, and require both qualitative as well as quantitative methodologies.