Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy

Book Series
There are 100 volumes in this series
Published 1978 - 2018

About this series

Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy publishes monographs and edited volumes that focus on issues related to structure and meaning in natural language, as addressed in the semantics, philosophy of language, pragmatics and related disciplines, in particular the following areas: •philosophical theories of meaning and truth, reference, description, entailment, presupposition, implicatures, context-dependence, and speech acts •linguistic theories of semantic interpretation in relation to syntactic structure and prosody, of discourse structure, lexcial semantics and semantic change •psycholinguistic theories of semantic interpretation and issues of the processing and acquisition of natural language, and the relation of semantic interpretation to other cognitive faculties •mathematical and logical properties of natural language and general aspects of computational linguistics •philosophical questions raised by linguistics as a science. This book series is associated with the journal Linguistics and Philosophy: The series editors welcome proposals that fit the description above. For more information about how you can submit a proposal, please contact the publishing editor, Jolanda Voogd. E-mail: