Particle Technology Series

Book Series
There are 21 volumes in this series
Published 1975 - 2020

About this series

Many materials exist in the form of a disperse system, for example powders, pastes, slurries, emulsions and aerosols, with size ranging from granular all the way down to the nanoscale. The study of such systems necessarily underlies many technologies/products and it can be regarded as a separate subject concerned with the manufacture, characterization and manipulation of such systems. The series does not aspire to define and confine the subject without duplication, but rather to provide a good home for any book which has a contribution to make to the record of both the theory and applications of the subject. We hope that engineers and scientists who concern themselves with disperse systems will use these books and that those who become expert will contribute further to the series.

The Springer Particle Technology Series is a continuation of the Kluwer Particle Technology Series, and the successor to the Chapman & Hall Powder Technology Series.