Philosophy and Education

Book Series
There are 14 volumes in this series
Published 1988 - 2007

About this series

There are many issues in education that are highly philosophical in character. Among these issues are the nature of human cognition; the types of warrant for human beliefs; the moral and epistemological foundations of educational research; the role of education in developing effective citizens; and the nature of a just society in relation to the educational practices and policies required to foster it. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine any issue in education that lacks a philosophical dimension.
The sine qua non of the volumes in the series is the identification of the expressly philosophical dimensions of problems in education coupled with an expressly philosophical approach to them. Within this boundary, the topics - as well as the audiences for which they are intended - vary over a broad range, from volumes of primary interest to philosophers to others of interest to a more general audience of scholars and students of education.