Path in Psychology

Published in Cooperation with Publications for the Advancement of Theory and History in Psychology (Path)

Book Series
There are 23 volumes in this series
Published 1980 - 2012

About this series

PATH in Psychology is a continuing, international series of volumes that have the following features:

- Understanding of historical aspects of psychological theory and practice

- Critical and reflective examination of psychological theory

- Awareness of the interconnections of psychology and other disciplines

- Awareness of the diversity of disciplinary identity in various countries

- Appreciation of the dialectical and philosophical nature of our subject matter

- Frame of reference expressing a grasp of relationships between psychology and political, economic, and social problems of our times

PATH publishes works of a high scholarly quality that avoid a narrow empiricist approach to psychology.

PATH books also avoid anti-intellectualism and obscurantism; they strive to have a creative and productive influence on the future development of psychological theory and research.

If you have a manuscript that might be appropriate for publication as a PATH book, please contact the chair of the editorial board, R.W. Rieber at