Ocean Sciences Research (OSR)

Book Series
There is 1 volume in this series
Published 2000 - 2000

About this series

Ocean Sciences Research, published by Terra Scientific Publishing and Kluwer Academic Publishers, is a book series dedicated to the publication of research on recent developments in oceanography.
Due to the recent recognition of the possible role played by the ocean in maintaining the global environment, studies in oceanography have been developing rapidly, and oceanographers are becoming increasingly highly specialized. Under these circumstances it is essential to synchronize the findings in specific subjects in the form of monographs that take a wider view, presenting a thorough and global understanding of oceanographic and related processes.
The Ocean Sciences Research series publishes monographs mostly on the scientific research carried out in the western part of the Pacific Ocean and the neighbouring Arctic and Antarctic oceans in various synthesized forms, focusing particularly on but not only physical, chemical and biological studies, because past studies in this area have been rather fragmented. Any other oceanographic topics and studies are most welcome. We anticipate that the Ocean Sciences Research series will encourage a deep and thorough understanding of various disciplines of oceanography and related research fields.
The series editor and publishers will be happy to discuss ideas for future volumes in this series and welcome any comments or suggestions for the series.