Book Series
There are 20 volumes in this series
Published 1998 - 2013

About this series

Future publications in the Microsystems series are being directed into the Microsystems and Nanosystems series. To learn more about this series, including a list of published and forthcoming titles, please click on the tab “Microsystems and Nanosystems series” on the top right of this page. Microsystems provides an outstanding library of research, text, and reference materials in the field of Microsystems. Subject coverage includes:

  • Microfabricated sensors, actuators, components and systems;
  • Micromachining and microfabrication technology;
  • Design and simulation tools for microsystems;
  • Integrated electronics for microsystems;
  • Packaging and assembly technology;
  • Applications to:
    • optics;
    • biology;
    • avionics;
    • fluidics;
    • medicine;
    • mechanics;
    • chemistry;
    • communications;
    • mass data storage;
    • environmental science;
    • information technology;
    • heat engines and power generation;
    • automotive and transportation systems;
    • factory automation and equipment monitoring.
    The Microsystems series has four types of books:
  • Research monographs by senior authors
  • Edited volumes on selected topics
  • Outstanding Ph.D. dissertations