Molecular and Cellular Biology of Critical Care Medicine

Book Series
There are 4 volumes in this series
Published 2001 - 2005

About this series

Recent advances in molecular and cellular biology make this a particularly exciting time to be developing novel therapies for patients with critical illness. Past milestones, including mechanical respiratory support, pharmacologic and mechanical cardiovascular support, and powerful antimicrobial agents have led to a dramatic improvement in survival of patients admitted to intensive care units. These milestones have paved the way for what we believe is the next frontier in Critical Care Medicine, understanding critical illness at the cellular and molecular level.
In order to quickly transition novel ideas into practical, clinically relevant therapies, information must be disseminated vertically, from the bench to the bedside, and horizontally, between specialties. This book series aims to serve this purpose, by providing a conduit between basic science research and clinical application.