Library of Ethics and Applied Philosophy

Book Series
There are 39 volumes in this series
Published 1998 - 2021

About this series

The Library of Ethics and Applied Philosophy addresses a broad range of topical issues emerging in practical philosophy, such as ethics, social philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of action, It focuses on the role of scientific research and emerging technologies, and combines case studies with conceptual and methodological debates.  We are facing a global crisis, which raises a plethora of normative issues, but also poses a challenge to existing conceptual and methodological resources of academic philosophy. The series aims to contribute to a philosophical diagnostic of the present by exploring the impact of emerging techno-scientific developments on zeitgeist, collective self-image, and worldview. Concrete and urgent emerging issues will be addressed in depth and from a continental philosophical perspective, which may include dialectics,hermeneutics, phenomenology, post-phenomenology, psychoanalysis, critical theory and similar approaches.