GeoJournal Library

Book Series
There are 125 volumes in this series
Published 1984 - 2020

About this series

This book series serves as a broad platform for scientific contributions in the field of human geography and its sub-disciplines. The series, which published its first volume in 1984, explores theoretical approaches and new perspectives and developments in the field of human geography.


Some topics covered by the series are:


- Economic Geography

- Political Geography

- Cultural Geography

- Historical Geography

- Health and Medical Geography

- Environmental Geography and Sustainable Development

- Legal Geography and Policy

- Urban Geography

- Geospatial Techniques

- Urban Planning and Development

- Land Use Modelling

- and much more


Publishing a broad portfolio of peer-reviewed scientific books, GeoJournal Library contains research monographs, edited volumes, advanced and undergraduate level textbooks, as well as conference proceedings. The books can range from theoretical approaches to empirical studies and contain interdisciplinary approaches, case studies and best-practice assessments. The books in the series will appeal to scientists, practitioners and students in the field.