A Series in the Foundational, Methodological, Philosophical, Psychological, Sociological, and Political Aspects of the Sciences, Pure and Applied

Book Series
There are 25 volumes in this series
Published 1973 - 2000

About this series

A series in the foundational, methodological, philosophical, psychological, sociological, and political aspects of the sciences, pure and applied, Episteme deals with the sciences of science and technology. The term `science' is construed in the wide sense, to include not only natural science, but social science and mathematics as well. And `technology' is taken to embrace not only engineering but also the biological technologies, such as medicine, and the social ones, such as business administration.
The collection of problems raised by research and practice in all of these fields includes not only internal problems, such as how to formalize an idea or how to measure a property, but also external ones, such as what philosophical approach to adopt, and what are the psychological, sociological and political factors involved in the creation, development, or diffusion of scientific and technological discoveries and inventions.
The books in this series are written primarily by scholars with a solid scientific or technological background. The intended audience of Episteme is composed by the science and technology community, as well as by the science of science and technology community. All the books in the series should serve not only for self-study and reference, but also as textbooks in the numerous courses on the philosophy of science and technology, or on science, technology and society, which are becoming increasingly popular everywhere.