The archivist's library

Book Series
There are 4 volumes in this series
Published 2000 - 2006

About this series

The Archivist's Library includes original, not previously published, theoretical, methodological and historical writings on the nature and characteristics of records/archival documents, on their creation, management and preservation, and on problems and issues affecting their use. This series may include monographs, theme anthologies or collections of writing of one author. It aims:

  • To cultivate the production of works that systemise archival knowledge, address present issues in depth and investigate the historical roots of archival concepts, principles and practices.
  • To explore and develop relationships between archival and other knowledge, such as law, history, public administration, information science, economics, etc.
  • To enrich the archival literature in English with works of synthesis and breadth, which are lacking.
  • To assemble thoughtful writings which are now dispersed and inaccessible.
  • To build a body of core literature that will become the foundation of the library of every archivist.
Audience: The potential audience is composed of every professional archivist and students in programs of archival science. A complementary audience may be composed of all those who interact with records in their daily work, such as lawyers, judges, administrators, public officers, systems designers, scholars of many disciplines.