Lecture Notes in Physics

Book Series
There are 951 volumes in this series
Published 1969 - 2019

About this series

The series Lecture Notes in Physics (LNP), founded in 1969, reports new developments in physics research and teaching - quickly and informally, but with a high quality and the explicit aim to summarize and communicate current knowledge in an accessible way. Books published in this series are conceived as bridging material between advanced graduate textbooks and the forefront of research and to serve three purposes:

-to be a compact and modern up-to-date source of reference on a well-defined topic.

-to serve as an accessible introduction to the field to postgraduate students and nonspecialist researchers from related areas.

-to be a source of advanced teaching material for specialized seminars, courses and schools.

Both monographs and multi-author volumes will be considered for publication. Edited volumes should however consist of a very limited number of contributions only. Proceedings will not be considered for LNP.