Soil Biology

Book Series
There are 63 volumes in this series
Published 2004 - 2021

About this series

The Springer series Soil Biology publishes topical volumes in the fields of microbiology, environmental sciences, plant sciences, biotechnology, biochemistry, microbial ecology, mycology and agricultural sciences.

Special emphasis is placed on methodological chapters or volumes. This includes coverage of new molecular techniques relevant to soil biology research or to monitoring and assessing soil quality as well as advanced biotechnological applications. Leading international authorities with a background in academia, industry or government will contribute to the series as authors or editors.

Key Topics: microbial-plant interactions; microbial communities; root symbiosis, mycorrhiza; rhizosphere environment; soil fauna, e.g. termites etc.; biochemical processes, soil proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids; degradation of biomaterials, decomposition, nutrient cycles; soil genesis, mineralization; bioremediation of contaminated sites; biotechnological applications of soil microorganisms.