Science Networks. Historical Studies

Book Series
There are 51 volumes in this series
Published 1989 - 2020

About this series

Edited by

Darrigol, O., Université Paris Diderot, France

Ullrich, P., Universität Koblenz, Germany 


Editorial Board

J. Barrow-Green, Milton Keynes          J. Peiffer, Paris 

U. Bottazzini, Milano                            W. Purkert, Bonn 

K. Chemla, Paris                                  D. Rowe, Mainz   

A. Cogliati, Milano                                Ch. Sasaki, Yokohama

S.S. Demidov, Moskva                         T. Sauer, Mainz 

C. Eckes, Nancy                                  A. Simões, Lisboa

J. Hughes, Manchester                        V.P. Vizgin, Moskva    

R. Krömer, Wuppertal                                                                                                              

The publications in this series are limited to the fields of mathematics, physics, astronomy, and their applications. The publication language is preferentially English. The series is primarily designed to publish monographs. Annotated sources and exceptional biographies might be accepted in rare cases. The series is aimed primarily at historians of science and libraries; it should also appeal to interested specialists, students, and diploma and doctoral candidates. In cooperation with their international editorial board, the editors hope to place a unique publication at the disposal of science historians throughout the world.