Progress in Drug Research

Book Series
There are 75 volumes in this series
Published 1959 - 2018

About this series

Progress in Drug Research is a prestigious book series which provides extensive expert-written reviews on highly topical areas in current pharmaceutical and pharmacological research.

Founded in 1959 by Ernst Jucker, the series moved from its initial focus on medicinal chemistry to a much wider scope. Today it encompasses all fields concerned with the development of new therapeutic drugs and the elucidation of their mechanisms of action, reflecting the increasingly complex nature of modern drug research. Invited authors present their biological, chemical, biochemical, physiological, immunological, pharmaceutical, toxicological, pharmacological and clinical expertise in carefully written reviews and provide the newcomer and the specialist alike with an up-to-date list of prime references.

Starting with volume 61, Progress in Drug Research is continued as a series of monographs and contributed volumes.